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Annotated Bibliography. Winddy Acuna

Moreno, Norma. "Study Examines the Potential of Undocumented Students." The Santa Fe New Mexican 11 Oct. 2007, sec. Local News: c-4. 28 Oct. 2007.
This source clearly explains the reasons why students that are currently living in this country but are not legal should be given the chance to become citizens of this country .All of these students are very useful for the economy since they are currently studying and desire to use their knowledge by working in this country. I consider this source very useful because it shows the importance to legalize all of those immigrants that only wish to succeed and while they are at it, they will be helping our country .This article also talks about the dream act which is an idea that I will like to expose in my essay as well as support as to how many students that are illegal are great examples. I consider the source a little Bias since it only exposes one side of the issue, however I will be using it as evidences that proves that legalizing immigrants should happen.

Ortiz, Erik. "Immigrants Struggle to Collect What They Earned." The Press of Atlantic City 30 Sept. 2007, all ed., sec. Region: b1. 28 Oct. 2007.
I particularly found this source extremely helpful because it exposes the truth that illegal immigrants have to face everyday . To begin with, it clearly explains the fact that immigrant are being affected by wages theft because for most part many are not receiving the wage that they were told they would receive and for most part they are in reality working for free. The article shows how immigrants are scare of authorities finding out about their legal status and do not decide to report this issue because they do not want to be deported. This article is very useful since it will help me back up the idea that illegal immigrants should be legalized because they are not being treated fairly .I consider this information reliable because in reality it explains a current problem that is being talk in the news and every where else as well as objective since it doesn’t take part on any side it just shows a problem that is occurring.

Collins, Kristin. "Hispanic People Feel New Hostility." The News and Observer 23 Sept. 2007, Final ed., sec. News: a1. Raleigh. 28 Oct. 2007.
This source portrays the feelings of many Hispanic immigrants who feel humiliated by the way other people treat them. Americans tend to relate all Hispanics to illegal aliens which goes back to the point that for most part illegal alien are being hated by Americans because they see them as a threat. People make assumptions and believe that all illegal aliens are rapist , drug dealers or robbers . They do not give them the benefit of the doubt, As a result of this issue immigrants feel intimidated and sometimes scare because their lives are in danger as well as not constant. The goal of this source is to show that immigrants need to be legalized so they can feel more secure as well as more protected by laws. This article might sound bias since it portrays the feelings of immigrants which is one side of the issue but in reality is very reliable because for most part immigrants are being treated this particular way.
Goldstein, Bruce. "Farm Worker : Jobs are Remarkable Compromise." The Miami Herald 25 Oct. 2007. Miami. 28 Oct. 2007.
This article is extremely amazing because it portrays a strong argument as to why illegal immigrants should be legalized .The question is who else would pick up all the fruits we eat everyday? It is true that everyone argues about the illegal immigrant but they do not go beyond their emotionalism to think about the consequences of not having them. All of these ideas are exposed in this article which in comparison to the others it provides the most impacting argument as to why they should be legalized .This article I consider it as one of the most important because it give evidence of the fact that we need immigrants . I also find it very reliable because the truth is immigrants are the people that work in the farms while Americans do not want to do this type of job. Finally, the goal of this source is to prove the necessity of immigrants in this country.

Salita, Mitra. "Reaching for Legitimacy in the Immigrant Economy;." The Washington Post 10 Sept. 2006, Final ed., sec. A01. Lexis Nexis. 29 Oct. 2007.
This article portrays a fact that is occurring among illegal immigrants since they are forced to take part in this illegal economy because they are not legal in this country. Like any other citizen of this country illegal immigrants pay their taxes every year but unfortunately do not get a dime in return. This situation is criticized by many who say they are committing a crime; However the fact that they are not being legalized is pushing them to take part of this illegal economy that either ways is benefiting this country .This article also explains the willingness of illegal aliens to buy houses and make business but as result of their legal status they are restricted to do so. I found this source helpful in the sense that it shows another aspect of the illegal immigrants in which you can see that they definitely want to become someone in this country and they need to be given the opportunity. The article is very reliable as well as objective since it does not take a particular side it just shows facts as they are

Al., Brian Grow et. "Illegal Immigrants Do Not Harm America's Economy." Opposing Viewpoints: Illegal Immigration. Ed. Margaret Haerens. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomson Gale. Florida International University. 29 Oct. 2007
This article is particularly helpful because it shows how illegal immigrants are very helpful to the economy of our country. Companies are not willing to raise the wages for people who work in the farms and Americans are not willing to receive a low wage. So as a result of this dilemma, immigrants are needed because they are hard working people that all they desire is an opportunity to work legally in this country. Their presence is really important because it helps our economy in different aspects . Illegal immigrants should be legalized and this article provides statistics as well as facts that help a person prove this point. I find this article very useful because it shows the reality that many people do not like to see about all these people that need our helps to provide for their families. This source is very reliable in my opinion as well as objective and I can consider it as one of my top choices when using it as evidence that can prove the need to legalize immigrants.

Whitney Dumeng

1. Garibaldi, Mario. “Illegal Immigration: Pros and Cons.” Search Warp.08 March. 2006, Ico Logic Inc. October 30,2007.
This is helpful to me because it gives a political point of view on the subject of illegal immigration. This article has a lists of the pro and cons of illegal immigration which will help me to write a sufficient essay. This information is reliable and it is not biased because it gives both sides of illegal immigration. The pros and cons tell how these illegal immigrants affect the US’s society and economy positively and negatively.
2. “Viewpoints: US Illegal Immigration.” BBC News. 23 May 2006. BBC MMVII. 30October2007.
This article gives the viewpoints of President Bush which is very vital to the subject. Unlike the other articles in my bibliography it includes possible solutions and ways the government is planning to suppress the illegal immigration into the US. This article also includes view points from Mexican leaders and other political leaders through out the Unite States.
3. Moreno, Sylvia. “Flow of Illegal Immigrants to the U.S. Unabated” The Washington Post. 22 March 2005. The Washington Post Company. 30 October 2007. http://www.washington
4. White, Deborah. “Illegal Immigration Explained - Profits & Poverty, Social Security & Starvation” April 2005. The New York Times. 30 October 2007.
This articles explains in detail why immigrants illegally come to the united states and why they will continue to.
5. Frieden, Terry. “INS: 7 million illegal immigrants in United States” CNN. 1 February 2003. Cable News Network. 30 October 2007.
This article is against illegal immigrant and would help me to explain that point of view.
6. Masters, B. “The Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigrants” NPR. 29 March 2006. NPR. 30 October 2007.
This article also list the pros and cons of Illegal immigration. It is helpful because it has different pros and cons than the other article. This is not a biased article.

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